Robert Evans

May 4th, 2020: Interview with Mrs. Jennifer Evans & Professor Terrence Coffie.

We are asking for the ‘compassionate release’ of an incarcerated person. Mr. Robert Evans is a 43-year-old native of Alabama and a paraplegic. He is currently incarcerated at Federal Medical Center- Butner (Butner, North Carolina).

Despite being transferred last year to the federal correctional complex, which is the most comprehensive health care center for federal prisoners of all security levels, Mr. Evans remains both physically and medically compromised.

He is vulnerable to COVID19 because he is immunocompromised from underlying chronic health conditions making him high risk for both contracting the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and succumbing to complications from COVID19. He has served 12 years of a life sentence for  drug possession and conspiracy to distribute.

Dr. Jordan Schaul

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