May 6, 2020 – Letter to local entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

In our capitalist society, the entrepreneurial spirit confers much to successful free enterprise. Paying it forward always pays back.

We encourage you to visit and help the needs of the less fortunate and underserved. Please join my client Ori Spado, (AKA ‘the Hollywood Fixer’ |, Professor Coffie (NYU) and myself as we advocate support for the unjustly incarcerated in need of compassionate release.

The standard of care in correctional health facilities is compromised in its capacity to serve marginalized populations of prisoners with special medical needs. There is mounting evidence of an ominous and significant public health threat to all of us because of the communicable disease management crisis and contagion in our correctional centers, which incidentally came from surrounding communities.


Dr. Jordan Carlton Schaul

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